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Golden Award

Message / Statements from Award:

Congratulations! Your web site has been selected to win our Golden Award for web site design. This award signifies that your site contains and meets all of the criteria which is needed to win our award.

The Psychic Realm's Award has one main purpose; it is to give credit where credit is due, a sense of great achievement, something your site obviously has or else you wouldn't be receiving this letter.

Your site has been viewed by our panel and has demonstrated above average quality, content, design, and/or Html expertise. By displaying our Golden award on your site, you are saying to your visitors that Your site is among the finest of the Web. For only the finest have a chance to win our prestigious award.

We at Psychic Realm's have high standards when it comes to judging other sites for our award, if a site does not win it does not mean that it is not a quality site in anothers eye's, for we are all entitled to one's opinion.

We would like to thank all people who take the time and effort to nominate someone else's site because they felt that it deserved an award. If you have seen a site that you feel deserves the Psychic Realm's Golden Award, then please nominate it, we all appreciate a little extra help...

Again, Congratulations!

Psychic Realm's

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