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The Citrus Directory Policies

The Citrus Directory is a human opinion based directory listing.

It is compiled by The Citrus Directory who reserves the right to accept or reject any listing, site, advertisement or information as they see fit.

We wish to serve the community. As such, individual opinions will not be ignored but the community opinion is to overide. By this we mean that we invite all of your opinions, but, only concepts, sites, ads and suggestions which are of interest to the entire Citrus County will be considered for inclusion in the Citrus Directory. We can not nor do we expect to please everyone. We hope we please the County as a whole.

We intend The Citrus Directory to be a community resource, a family resource, an information resource and a business resource. As such, we will not include any material or links which we determine to be of questionable moral subject matter (no pornography, no adult sites, no gambling, etc.).

We wish to include information, organiations and businesses that are of interest to Citrus County. Any site or organization or business which is not "user-friendly" and pertinent to the people of Citrus County will not be included in The Citrus Directory.

We wish to attempt to keep our personal opinions to a minimum and make the listings, information and organizations listed within The Citrus Directory as fair as possible. Thus, listings will be alphabetical where appropriate. Listings will include all interested and related information and groups wherever possible. We wish to be all-inclusive in content concerning Citrus County. The related and/or interesting Internet listings will not attempt to be all-inclusive but rather, very selective while listing to the users of this site's requests for further listings or omission of listings.

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