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Your first consideration in either searching or running your own ad is personal safety. Take the following safety measures even if they seem a little too conservative. The fact that he or she has a lovely, trustworthy phone voice or lyrical writing style doesn't necessarily mean they're trustworthy or even honest!

Don't give out your phone number or home address until you've had time to get to know the person.

It's a good idea to sign up for a "disposable" email address for correspondence, such as a yahoo, gmail or hotmail address. This way, if you end up with a stalker, you can throw the address away and sign up for a new one.

When meeting by e-mail, keep up the correspondence for at least a month before arranging your first phone call. (You may be sorely tempted to ignore this one, because exchanging several soulful e-mails a day can create an illusion of instant intimacy. Remember that getting acquainted takes time.)

If the other offers his or her phone number, feel free to call. But first find out your local phone company's Caller ID blocker number. (usually *67) Then dial that number first when you call your new friend.

When arranging your first few meetings, pick public places and meet during daylight hours.

Tell two or three friends when and where you plan to meet.

When you leave those first meetings, don't drive directly home. Run some errands, go shopping or just drive around. And, yes, watch your rear view mirror.

It's not a bad idea to be mildly paranoid when going through the initial meeting process. Once your personal information is out, you can never recall it. If your new friend is worthy your time, he or she should understand this.

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