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Citrus County History

Citrus County was born on June 2, 1887.
That is the day Govener E.A. Perry signed into law a measure passed by the Legislature to slice Hernando County into three parts to create Citrus, Pasco, and Hernando Counties.
The legislation spelled out that the town of Mannfield would be the temporary county seat of Citrus County for two years "and until removed by a vote of the registered voters of said county". Mannfield sat in the geographical center of Citrus County.
In September, 1887, a temporary courthouse was established in the Moffat House in Mannfield with a rental of $19 a month.
Between 1889 and 1890, many county seat elections were held to establish the county site. Each election failed due to the shotrage of the majority votes.
On May 4, 1891, the voters finally approved the move to Inverness. The votes were 267 for Inverness, 258 for Lecanto, and one vote for now "Ghost town" Gulf Junction.


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