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Advertising on Citrus Directory

Advertising is what keeps Citrus Directory Running, so the little we charge makes a big difference.

you can call us at (352) 795-0056 or email us at sales@citrusdirectory.com to discuss your advertising needs.

Logo Listings

We have several options available to fit most budgets, The best way to show your support for Citrus Directory is to upgrade your free listing by adding a Logo or Graphic next to your listing. This puts your listing above the free listings, and tells our customers you support us. We call these Logo Listings, and they cost $5 mo (paid annually).

Full Banner Ads

We also offer two types of full banner ads (468x60), Animated, and Static.

This is a Static Banner

This is an Animated Banner

We have 10 slots for full banners, that are rotated while the visitor is on the page, Slot 0 is seen most often, slot 9 least often. When a visitor arrives on a page, we start with slot 0 and rotate to slot 9, the banner changes every 10 seconds. Slots are sold on a first come first serve basis, Slots 0-4 are Animated Slots, Slots 5-9 are Static slots.
A full animated banner is $15 mo. (paid annually) a full Static banner is $10 mo. (paid annually) These banners are displayed on most non-sponsored pages.

If you want your full banner to be the only banner displayed on a pertictulay page, we call this Page Sponsorship.
Page sponsors may use either static, or animated banners, and may opt to rotate up to 10 in sequence, Page sponsorship is $300 per year PER PAGE. Your banner will display the line "This page sponsored by your business name" instead of the generic "advertisement" below your banner. Page Sponsorship is ideal is you are trying to reach a specific market, for example, a property management company might with to sponsor the "Homes For Rent" Classified page, to reach both Tennents looking for a place, and Landlords listing their property. A "Dive with Manatee" company might wish to sponsor the "Manatee Information" page.

Cube Ads

We also offer a "Cube" ad which is displayed in the sidebar, below the navigation menus, Cube ads are 120x120 pixels and may be static, or animated GIF images, No Flash ads in Cubes. A cube ad is $5 mo. (paid annually) and may either be placed on a single page of your choosing, or on multiple pages of our choosing

this is a cube ad
Google Ads

Another way to get your site in our adspace is to advertise on google adwords, while we have no control over which sites google chooses to display on our site, We do have control to reject sites we feel are inapproiate, so there is no guanretee that google can get you listed on our site.