Citrus County Florida

  Your guide to Citrus County, FL since 1997

Mission Statement

The Citrus Directory is based upon the people of Citrus County. Without you folks using this site, it doesn't exist. Without you using this site no business would wish to display their wares or services. Without you the links go nowhere.

With the expressed purpose of serving the people of Citrus County, Citrus County Community Organizations and Citrus County Businesses, we can best achieve this goal by listening to you.

We welcome any input you may have.

The concept of The Citrus Directory came to me (Citrus Directory Webmaster) when I moved to Citrus County in 1997. I had been building web sites for 3 years prior to my move and was curious about who was using the internet here in Citrus County.

My attempts to find local businesses, local information and local organizations was very labor intensive. It took me many, many, many hours over a couple of months to find out there are quite a few businesses and organizations with information available to me and you. The difficulty in finding these organizations and the information we all seek pointed out the need for a Citrus County Directory.

If one web site compiled (as is being done here) a central point of reference for the existing information and organizations, then the sites that where prepared would begin to function more efficiently in their intended purpose - to provide information. The people of Citrus County would know were to go to find "things". The organizations and businesses of Citrus County would know where to go to make "things" available to the people they are trying to reach. As a result of this action, people and businesses who had not previously had an interest in the internet may become interested. Information would become findable. Viewers would become findable. There would be a reason to have a web site and a reason to visit local Citrus County web sites.

That is our purpose.

To serve Citrus County.