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The Citrus Directory is honored and thankful to have received the awards listed below.

Please check them out if your interested. By visiting the awards sites, you can check out other award winning web sites, often leading to interesting sites and interesting information.

Award of Excellence
Cool Reality Award
Critical Mass Award
Cyber Teddy Award
Elite Site Award
Gadart Extraclass Award
GAR Award
Golden Award
Gold Wing of Excellence Award
Great Gig Award
Innovation Award
Jayde Gold Diamond Award
Key Site Award
King Of The Jungle Award
The Lazarith Award
Learning Fountain Award
Market-Tek Design Award
Medaille d'Or Award
Old Maid "This Site Delivers" Award
Pau Hana Award
Paul's Cyberspace Cool Site Award
People's Choice Award
Picanto Award for Web Excellence
Pure Gold Award
Reflection of Grace Award
Sysop Award
"The Jem"
Top 10 COOL Web Sites of the Month Award
WS Award

These awards are very nice but do little other than massage our egos. We do put a lot of time and effort into The Citrus Directory, please excuse our arrogance in accepting these recognitions. We do receive negative comments so it's nice to get some positive feedback also.

There are awards and then there are awards. We have chosen to apply for awards which are meaningful. All of the awards we have received are from award sites which feature quality winners. There are awards anyone can win which in reality are meaningless promotions of the presenting site. By visiting the award sites which we have won awards from, you can see that The Citrus Directory and the other winners are truely excellent sites.

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