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The Citrus Directory is based upon the people of Citrus County. Without you folks using this site, it doesn't exist. Without you using this site no business would wish to display their wares or services. Without you the links go nowhere.

In order for this site to be of use to the community, Citrus County businesses and the people of Citrus County there must be useful and extensive listings within this site.

For this to happen, The Citrus Directory is based upon volume, not high cost. We offer you various types of listings and advertisements at a variety of low cost plans.

To be listed in The Citrus Directory, we offer four options:

Free Listing

The Free Listings are our most economical option - they're FREE. It is simply a place for people and businesses to find each other and about each other if they so desire. Free Listings are limited to one per customer, so choose your category carefully.

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Free Listings Cost:
$0.00 per month and your 1st month is FREE.

Logo Listing

The Logo Listings are for people and businesses that would like to show their support for Citrus Directory, Without these people and businesses, Citrus Directory could not exist.

Logo Listings Cost:
$5.00 per month (paid annually)

Community Logo Listing

To qualify as a Community Listing, the organization must be serving the community not selling a product or service. Examples include: government offices, schools, churches, clubs, etc.

Community Logo Listings Cost:
$2.50 per month (paid annually) this fee may be weived at our discression

Multiple Logo Listings

If you would like your site listed in more than one place, each additional listing is one half of the normal listing cost. The listing must be appropriate for the area you desire to be shown.

Multiple Logo Listings Cost:
$5.00 per month for the first and $2.50 per month for each additional (paid annually)

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